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'Survivor' Contestants Rattled

The "Survivor" contestants get shaken up tonight, with the producers promising a massive earthquake, the deepest underwater challenge in the game's history and an unexpected visit from natives of Vanatu.

And the game takes a possible "Romeo and Juliet" turn, as a member of one of the single-sex tribes is caught trying to make contact with the opposing tribe.

Some 19.5 million people tuned in to "Survivor" last week, watching as Brady Finta got kicked out of the men's Lopevi tribe. John K. found himself in the precarious position of being at least decade younger than the rest of his tribe mates.

"Survivor" pundit Greg Feltes predicts the women will win the next immunity challenge because of the physicality and stamina apparently required to stay underwater so long.

However, if they lose, Feltes thinks Eliza will get the boot.

He thinks the women are in a position to dominate the game for the time being. Of the women, Feltes says Scout seems to be the safest and most likeable.

Unaired insider video and a "Survivor" fantasy league are featured on the official "Survivor" Web site.

Tonight's loser will appear on Friday's The Early Show to talk about the experience.

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