"Survivor: Caramoan" double elimination: An overdue execution and a big move

Andrea and Brenda balanced for more than three hours before Andrea finally won the immunity challenge on "Survivor: Caramoan".

Things are starting to move fast in The Philippines, as "Survivor: Caramoan" hurtles toward its May 12 season finale. Two heads rolled Wednesday night -- the last of the alpha males and a cagey player who got over-confident.

The show began with a recap of power-player Malcolm's downfall. It segued to erstwhile geek, now evil genius John Cochran declaring his goal of island domination.

"I want to take control of the game. And I'll do it without remorse," said Cochran. "And it's scary that I'm saying that. I feel like I've turning into something that would scare my mother if she saw me. But I'm not the little Harvard nerd who's trembling in the bushes (like) last time."

No reward challenges this week, there was a lot of blood to spill in 60 minutes. The remaining eight players were launched on a balance immunity challenge, to see who could stand the longest on a bobbing wooden triangle. After a season of mostly physical challenges, the show is throwing in some more lady-friendly, balance and cerebral puzzles -- a welcome change.

Indeed, the last two bobbing were super girl Brenda, who swims like a dolphin and runs like a deer, and Andrea, the crafty de facto queen of the island. After more than three hours competing against each other, the girls decided to cut to the chase and see who could last standing on one leg. Brenda went down and Andrea won her first immunity challenge, which she followed up by finding a hidden immunity idol. Talk about double protection.

Week in, week out, Andrea and Cochran have been the two leaders of "Survivor: Caramoan." Of the two, Andrea has been more open in her strategizing and deal-making, while Cochran has been laying back. Andrea is the one who goes to people with deals; Cochran is the one people go to with their plans.

The obvious plan was to continue picking off Reynold and Eddie, the two strongest competitors. Like Yogi and BooBoo, Reynold and Eddie have been bumbling along with no team for weeks and weeks.

Reynold laments his likely ouster from "Survivor: Caramoan"

When the dust settled at the first of the two tribal councils, Reynold the San Fran real estate agent with the blue eyes and gleaming white chompers was sent packing. Sorry ladies.

Favorite moment of the night: The look on Sherri's face when nemesis Reynold's torch was extinguished.

"Adios," said Reynold, "I had no more rabbits I could pull out of my hat, no more immunity idols. But I'll tell you one thing for sure, I had the time of my life."

No rest for the weary, though. The remaining players were launched on a second immunity challenge that involved a little water work, some knot untying, and some visual recognition puzzle skills. It was amusing to see which players -- Eddie, Andrea -- were stymied over a part of the challenge that involved putting oddly shaped wooden pieces into their slots. Dim-bulb Eddie, no surprise, but one would have thought clever Andrea would have aced the task.

After Erik won immunity, Andrea made a misstep when she started lobbying her alliance to keep Eddie around and instead ditch super girl Brenda. Andrea and Eddie were featured in a showmance a few episodes back, and she must like him a little to stick her neck out for him. But it ruffled feathers

"Eddie is moving up on Andrea's priority list,'' complained Cochran.

"You're a sneaky, sneaky girl," said Brenda, as she cast one of the votes that sank Andrea's ship.

And most annoying for Andrea, she had a hidden immunity idol she could have used to save herself. But she was, as they like to say on the show, blindsided.

"Oh you guys!" said shocked Andrea. "That's really good!"

Over-confident Andrea weighs the pros and cons of picking off Brenda on "Survivor:Caramoan"

"I should have learned my lesson the first time," said Andrea as the credits rolled. "When the day is really calm and people are napping and you feel comfortable -- you're probably going to get blindsided."

Which leaves six players now: Sherri and Eddie from the old Fans tribe, and Cochran, Brenda, Dawn and Erik from the initial Favorites clan. Next week's preview indicates rough waters for Cochran and Erik.

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