"Survivor: Cagayan" recap: Tribes merge, Kass causes chaos

The newly merged tribe gets ready to compete in their first Individual Immunity Challenge during the sixth episode of "Survivor: Cagayan."

The two tribes made it to the merge on Wednesday's episode of "Survivor: Cagayan," but that was nothing compared to the bonkers events that happened at tribal council.

The Solana folks get word that they're packing up and heading to Aparri's camp, where the merged tribes choose the name Solarrion. They're also all told there's a new idol with "different powers" hidden somewhere nearby.

Later, LJ, Tony and Woo debate who the "head of the snake" is and decide it's the members of the Brains tribe. Tony approaches Sarah to see where she stands, and she tells him she's "floating." He tries to get her to target Spencer or Kass, but Sarah's not ready to commit -- and is enjoying what she thinks is her position of power.

After an immunity challenge won by Woo, it was time for tribal council. That's when the crazy stuff started to go down -- first, Tony announces to everyone that he has a hidden immunity idol, which he then gave away to LJ. Then, LJ reveals he also has an immunity idol and offers it to Tony (a stupid move, since all the votes had already moved away from him). This all spells bad news for Sarah, who guaranteed to her alliance that neither of them had idols.

But all that was nothing compared to the next surprise -- Kass flipped on her alliance and became the deciding vote that sent Sarah home.

Why would Kass betray an alliance in with she held a secure position to switch to one where she'd presumably be at the bottom of the totem pole? Perhaps she just disliked Sarah that much and did not want to play alongside her.

Do you think Kass made the right choice? Should Sarah have been less cocky? Tell us your thoughts on the episode on the comments.