"Survivor: Cagayan" recap: More brainless moves

The Brains tribe continued their losing streak this week on "Survivor: Cagayan," coming up short in both challenges, even when another team tried to throw one of them.

That's right -- the Brawn tribe was actively trying to lose Wednesday's immunity challenge (more on that in a bit), and still couldn't come in third place because the Brains are that bad.

Before that, though, Morgan called out Jeremiah in front of the rest of the Beauty tribe for voting out Brice last week. And, later, she tells Alexis that Jeremiah had wanted to oust L.J. It's becoming clear Morgan is more than just a pretty face -- she's got the sneaky, social aspects of the game in her, too.

This week's reward challenge was for the birds -- some egg-laying hens and a rooster for the first-place finisher, and a dozen eggs for the runner-up. Two members of each tribe were blindfolded and tethered together, and a third member had to guide them from atop a platform to pick up specific items and hoist them up to the caller. The Beauty tribe finishes first, but when J'Tia falters while trying to hoist the final item up to the Brains' platform, Brawn is able to catch up and finish second.

Team Beauty is happy to be having chicken for dinner, but don't quite get how that whole chicken-and-egg thing works L.J.'s take: the egg had to come before the chicken, because "dinosaurs had eggs." Um, OK.

Meanwhile, over at Brawn, Sarah tries to convince her tribe to throw the immunity challenge so they can to go tribal council and vote out Cliff -- all because she's operating under false information supplied to her by Tony, the guy who lied to her about being a cop and then admitted he hadn't told her the truth, who'd told her that Cliff wanted to vote her out.

At the immunity challenge, teams had to dive underwater and release five buoys from various depths, then bring them back to the dock and shoot them into a basket some distance away. Sarah and Trish try their best to come in last place but can't even do it because the Brains are so bad -- again, much of the blame here goes to J'Tia, who had trouble releasing the buoys and returning the freed ones for Spencer to shoot.

So, when the Brains lose again, it seems like it would be a no-brainer (see what I did there?) to oust J'Tia. But Spencer still has to talk himself up to the others because he's the only guy left and not in the tribe majority. Kass and Tasha wonder whether to keep J'Tia because she's loyal (though she destroyed most of their food and cost them numerous challenges) and Spencer could potentially flip later in the game. In the end, J'Tia's the one voted out.

Tell us: Did the Brains send the right person home? And was Sarah crazy to try and throw a challenge?