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"Survivor" Becomes "Quitter" as 2 Ask To Go Home

NaOnka Mixon continues to amaze  audiences as well as her tribemates on "Survivor: Nicaragua." (CBS Photc)
NaOnka Mixon continues to amaze audiences as well as her tribemates on "Survivor: Nicaragua." (CBS Photc)

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Host Jeff Probst tried hard but even he couldn't keep "Survivor: Nicaragua" from making "Survivor" history Wednesday night.

Two contestants quit the CBS reality TV game in an episode represented Day 28 of the 40-day game. That's a first for the show, which has had only four others leave of their own choice in a history that goes back more than 20 seasons.

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NaOnka Mixon, a 27-year-old gym teacher from Los Angeles, said relentless rain at the show's Nicaragua setting made her joints ache. Mixon hasn't been a fan favorite, since cameras once caught her stealing food from her fellow players.

The other quitter was 20-year-old Kelly Shinn, also known as Purple Kelly, a nursing student from Mesa, Ariz. Shinn said: "I just feel like I'm breaking down."'

They didn't get much on-air sympathy.

Snuffing out Shinn's torch, host Jeff Probst, who had given both the afternoon to reconsider their decisions, said "Get out."

The pain on the faces of the jury - the last three contestants to be ousted from the game - was clearly visible.

While no one has claimed NaOnka to be the brightest light on the tree, the woman suffers from a serious disconnect when it comes to self-image. Even as she is quitting because she can't stand the hardships of jungle life, she brags about coming from a line of strong women.

And if she had not quit, she tells an incredulous Probst, she had a good chance of winning the million dollars.

Then she appears clueless as to why her fellow tribemates might have expected her - since she knew she was going home that night - to forgo a reward challenge so that the tribe could have extra rice and a new tarp for the shelter. Holly stepped forward to make the sacrifice but not without a lot of eye rolling and glaring at NaOnka.

The crime of it all is that she and Purple Kelly actually sit on the jury and have a vote in deciding who will win the game. "Survivor" ought to change that rule.

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