Survival Of The Snittiest

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Analysis of "Survivor: Palau" Episode Ten, by's Ellen Crean.
Watching Episode Ten was more like watching a nature show on cable than it was like watching "Survivor."

One nature show in particular comes to mind. It was about a family of eaglets that picked on one of their siblings until the poor thing nearly wasted away and died. (The lesson there was survival of the fittest.)

On "Survivor," of course, we're dealing not with a nest of adorable little baby birds, but a cabal composed of some pretty sneaky human beings, beginning with Katie, and proceeding to Gregg and down through, yes, even Ian the Dolphin Boy. And the poor little outcast eaglet? Janu the Former Jungle Goddess.

Katie kicked things off by reporting to the camera that, "Janu is completely mad," and then making fun of Janu behind Janu's back, she thought. But Janu happened to overhear her and called her on it: "What are we? Junior high?"

Yes, Janu! That is exactly what Koror is! And Katie is that "popular girl" who hardly anyone remembers fondly, so you'd better run while you have the chance.

Even when Janu said the words, "I am very hurt," that was not enough to churn up any remorse in the heart of Popular Katie. All it got Janu was a snotty "I'm sorry," followed by a statement along the lines of: "And if that's not good enough for you, too bad!"

Oh yes, and then there was Gregg, The Guy Who Doesn't Get It, telling the camera that Janu had become a "buzzkill."

Janu actually appeared to be physically ill and unpopular because she was drawing a different experience from the game than anyone else. At that point, she certainly knew that she was not playing the game to win, so it would have made sense for her to behave differently from the others.

It's always dangerous to be different, but it's especially so when someone like Katie is around to helpfully point out to everyone (behind her back) that Janu's smile is weird and she looks like a jack-o'-lantern.