Survey says half of men would ditch fat wife

Men can face unique physical and emotional challenges with incontinence. "For starters, women are used to wearing pads several days of the month," says Dr. Steers, "whereas a man is not socially attuned to wearing anything down there. Just the idea can be really embarrassing to them." It may also be hard to avoid situations where leakage is common, he adds. More men than women might have jobs that entail heavy lifting, for example, or friends might expect participation in sports like golf and tennis, which can put pressure on the bladder. More from 10 ways to keep your bladder healthy

(CBS) What do you call a guy who would ditch his gal if she got fat?


In a new poll of 70,000 men, 48 percent said they would walk away from their wife if she packed on too many pounds.

Women tend to be more forgiving. Only 20 percent of the 13,000 women polled said they'd do the same to their man.

The poll, by and, also yielded some other surprises:

  • Penis size: Size matters - to guys. Fifty percent of men said they'd make their penis bigger if they could. How many guys wanted a smaller package? None. Meanwhile, 78 percent of women wouldn't change their man's size down there.
  • Faking orgasm: When it comes to sex, 54 percent of women admit to faking an orgasm, but 85 percent said they'd be offended if their man did the same. Thirty percent of men say they've faked an orgasm at least once.
  • Cheating: One question asked whether a person would cheat on their partner if they'd never find out. Forty-five percent of women said they'd never, while only 36 percent of men were that committal.
  • Sex appeal: Which body part did survey respondents think the opposite sex cared about the most? Thirty-eight percent of men think women are most interested in abs, while 55 percent of women think men appreciate breasts the most.

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