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Surrender: The Key To Attract Mr. Right

Author Laura Doyle caused quite a stir last year with her first book The Surrendered Wife, where she told married women the key to having a happy husband and marriage is to surrender control.

The theme continues in Doyle's latest book, The Surrendered Single. She tells dating single women looking for "Mr. Right" to stop controlling relationships and start enjoying being the object of romantic pursuit.

In The Surrendered Single, Doyle appeals to women who are on the hunt for Mr. Right but are continually unhappy when they fail to meet a man who fulfills their checklist of ideal qualities. Doyle says "Mr. Perfect" does not exist.

The author describes a "surrendered single" as a woman who recognizes that if she wants to attract the man with whom she can develop intimacy, she cannot determine who asks her out, how he'll do it, when he'll call or e-mail, or if he'll commit to her. She urges single women to surrender to their desire to be happily married, let go of their fears of the unknown, have faith in their own feminine power, focus on their own needs, and let available men find them.

The book offers strategies for the woman to position herself to be the chasee and not the chaser.

Doyle has also recently partnered with the online dating company to form the online dating service Doyle says the site is for women who would prefer to attract men rather than hunt for them, and for men who would like to meet feminine women who respect and appreciate masculinity.

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