Superheroes, Princesses Remain Top Kids Halloween Costumes

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This product courtesy of iParty shows a pirate costume. A survey conducted by BIGresearch for the National Retail Federation showed that classic costumes, like pirates, are still hot this Halloween season.
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(AP) The princess has held her reign over popular girl's costumes for the last six years, and she's not budging.

In fact, while princess is No. 1, "Disney princess" is No. 5 with its variety of tiara-sporting royalty: Tinkerbell, Snow White, Belle, Tiana and, Disney predicts, Rapunzel from Disney's forthcoming animated feature, "Tangled."

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Other popular options for girls include Jessie from "Toy Story," witches, gypsies and mermaids.

Superheros are still a strong choice for boys, including Spiderman, but so are pirates, the Mario Brothers and Toy Story, specifically Buzz Lightyear. He made his way into the top picks for the first time this year.

"Buzz, Woody and Jessie are big for us this year, and even the toddler costume of Rex," said Molly Adams, vice president and general manager of Disney Store North America.

Ladybugs and bumblebees are other tops for toddlers.

Retailers said not much has changed in the kids category, although some are seeing a rise in retro, '80s costumes and even goth costumes for kids.

"One difference for boys," said Ginnaty of Savers, "is that while heroes like Wolverine and Spiderman are still strong for boys, we're also selling the personal heroes: the combat soldier, the firefighter and the policeman."


For the family that Halloweens together: A ghostly group. A voodoo trio. A pirate brigade. This year, many families are dressing together as a unit.

Chasing Fireflies, a Seattle-based company, has been selling more options for families, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, and mothers and daughters.

"We have vampires as a brother and sister duo, a Greek goddess and gladiator, looks that are expanded to add in Mom and Dad," said Lori Liddle, co-founder of the company.

Chasing Fireflies has also added plus-size costumes and expanded their sizes for growing kids.

"We've sold out of every (children's size) 14 in the house," Liddle said. "I think the market has been pushing kids to be way too old too quickly and parents are pushing them to retain their childhood. It's nice to let them be young and celebrate the childhood part of their life."