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Super Mario Bros. theme song played on a human piano

(CBS News) You know how it is. You want to learn how to play an instrument, but it's apparently a "skill" that takes "hard work" and "effort." No one has time for that! Instead, have you considered just stopping hundreds of people on the street, filming each one singing a single note and then editing the resulting footage into a cohesive melody transforming them into some kind of fleshy human piano?

That's apparently what YouTube user EranAmir did. According to the video description, this YouTube user's human piano is comprised of "more than 300 random people on the streets of Israel, each repeating one single note creating together one harmonious melody."

After harnessing the vast power of hundreds of human voices, which harmonious melody did EranAmir pick? The Super Mario theme song, of course! I dare you to watch this without saying out loud "ITSAAA MEEEE! MAARIOOO!" I'm telling you, it's impossible.

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