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Super Bowl Vs. 'Dancing With The Stars'

'Dancing With The Stars' Vs. The Super Bowl

Are They Really That Different?

Emmitt Smith won three Super Bowl rings during his NFL career. Now he's the champion of "Dancing With The Stars." On the surface, it sounds like there couldn't be two more different competitions — but in some respects they have quite a bit in common.

PrizeSuper Bowl
A ring you'll treasure for a lifetime

Dancing With The Stars
A cheap trophy in the shape of a disco ball

UniformSuper Bowl
Tight pants

Dancing With The Stars
Tight pants

PracticeSuper Bowl
12 hours a day scrimmaging with 300-pound defensive linemen

Dancing With The Stars
12 hours a day being yelled at by a 120-pound professional dancer

AudienceSuper Bowl
80-90 million fans

Dancing With The Stars
27.2 million fans

Post-Win DestinationSuper Bowl

Dancing With The Stars
Your chiropractor

StrategySuper Bowl
Fancy footwork, speed and determination

Dancing With The Stars
Fancy footwork, speed, determination and a dazzling smile

CelebrationSuper Bowl
Slapping your teammate on the butt

Dancing With The Stars
Not slapping your teammate on the butt — especially if your wife is in the audience

VenueSuper Bowl
Dancing in the end zone is permitted.

Dancing With The Stars
Tackling the other couple on the dance floor is not.

MusicSuper Bowl
A live band, piped-in music, star-studded halftime show

Dancing With The Stars
A live cover band performing Top 40 songs that have nothing to do with the dance you're dancing (Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" for a paso doble? Come on!)

Post-game interviewsSuper Bowl
On the green turf of the field.

Dancing With The Stars
In the green room

Video analysisSuper Bowl
Instant replay

Dancing With The Stars
Filling up the results show with endless recaps of the previous night

Products You Might EndorseSuper Bowl
Wheaties, Nike, Gatorade

Dancing With The Stars
Capezio, Ben Gay, Dr. Scholl's