"Super Bowl Shuffle" Is A Hit Again

Julia Meyer holds CDs of the "The Super Bowl Shuffle" which she owns the copyright to outside Soldier Field Monday, Jan. 29, 2007, in Chicago. The 1985 ditty with spiked-haired quarterback Jim McMahon, William "The Fridge" Perry and others boasting in rhyme, sold more than 500,000 singles and even garnered a Grammy nomination. It became a goofy if beloved hallmark of the Super Bowl champions.
AP Photo/M. Spencer Green
"The Super Bowl Shuffle" is back.

After the 1985 Chicago Bears recorded it, the cheeky ditty sold more than a half-million singles and reached No. 41 on the music charts.

More than 20 years later, it's rousing fans again as the current Bears prepare for Sunday's Super Bowl. The song is heavily requested on Chicago radio stations and can be heard booming from city bars.

Fans are also snapping up DVDs of a music video made with the song. Many are apparently buying it to play at Super Bowl parties.

MPI Media Group is selling "Shuffle" DVDs online and says it's sold 30,000 this month alone. That compares with 25,000 in all of 2006.

An MPI executive says in Chicago, the words "Super Bowl" and "Super Bowl Shuffle" are synonymous.

Also endearing to fans is the fact that the '85 Bears backed up their musical strutting by drubbing the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, 46-10, capping one of the great seasons in NFL history.