Former NFL star Anquan Boldin hopes to inspire change with Super Bowl PSA

Former NFL star hopes to inspire change
Former NFL star hopes to inspire change 01:59

Palm Beach County, Florida — In between the usual Super Bowl ads, there will be a public service announcement featuring a former NFL star. Anquan Boldin's cousin, Corey Jones, was shot by a police officer in 2015.

The officer was eventually sentenced to 25 years in prison but the case opened Boldin's eyes.

"You're happy that justice was served, but then I soon found out that he was actually the first officer that was convicted in the state of Florida on an on-duty shooting in the last 30 years," Boldin said.

In 2017, Boldin decided to retire after a stellar 14-year NFL career. "I stepped away to focus on the Players Coalition. I felt like something was more important than scoring a touchdown," he said. 

A new PSA highlights the death of Corey Jones, who was shot by a police officer in 2015. NFL/Players Coalition PSA

Boldin co-founded the Players Coalition with Eagles star Malcolm Jenkins. The group of former and current NFL players was formed in the midst of player protests. Its $90 million partnership with the NFL seeks to improve social justice issues around the country.

"Every guy that is a part of the coalition is dedicated. You see guys going to meet with different lawmakers, senators and congressmen," Boldin said. 

The coalition helped pass legislation in Florida to allow 1.4 million former convicts to vote. In Massachusetts, it helped raise the legal age for juveniles from 7 to 12.

"We are concerned about our country and as citizens in this country, we want to do something about it," Boldin said.