Super Bowl-Bound Saints Lift New Orleans

Next Sunday's Super Bowl features the Indianapolis Colts against the New Orleans Saints. It's a first for a franchise once mocked as the "Ain'ts." But, as Kelly Cobiella shows us, Saints fans have never been short on faith or the American Spirit.
It's a city once associated with sin and excess - then, devastation and despair.

"Katrina changed everything for us," waitress Rosalind Martin said.

People have found new faith and - like most things in New Orleans - it has come from the unlikeliest of places - a winning football team, aptly named the Saints.

Saints Announcer Jerry Romig told CBS News correspondent Kelly Cobiella that he never thought he'd see this day.

"But we talked about it," he said, tears welling in his eyes.

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Romig has been announcing games for the Saints for 41 years. He raised his children here, then watched as his home, his history and his city were washed away in Hurricane Katrina. If his team could come back, so could his town.

"They used to say hell would freeze over when we got into the Super Bowl, well, hell must have frozen over," Romig said.

At Lil Dizzy's, where locals talk over a cup of spicy gumbo, waitress Rosalind Martin cried when her team won because of how her city celebrated.

"It wasn't just white or black or any nationality, it was just like we just became one, just togetherness," Martin said.

"It gave us that one great feeling that we needed," Romig said. "That we can survive and we will be back and recover."

For now at least, the soul of New Orleans lies in its new religion - one where all the saints have numbers on their backs and succeeding is just a matter of believing.

"Who dat saying they going to beat them Saints?' Romig said.