Super Bowl ads: Which were your favorites?

Elton John appears in a Pepsi spot during Super Bowl XLVI
Elton John appears in a Pepsi spot during Super Bowl XLVI

(CBS) For some viewers, the Super Bowl is as much about the ads as the big game. And companies know that, which is why they shelled out an average of $3.5 million for spots during Super Bowl XLVI.

So, how did this year stack up? Love them or hate them, this year's commercials are getting a lot of buzz. Sunday's game featured a mix of stars, dogs, vampires and practically everything in between.

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Special Section: Super Bowl XLVI

Celebrities plugged all sorts of products in the 2012 Super Bowl commercials.

There was Clint Eastwood starring in Crysler's "Halftime in America" spot and Elton John as a high-heeled king in a Pepsi ad, alongside "The X Factor" winner Melanie Amaro.

John Stamos seductively ate Oikos greek yogurt in a kitchen before being head-butted by the woman sitting next to him.

Matthew Broderick's "Ferris Bueller"-inspired spot for Honda found the actor revisiting his signature film. Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno, meanwhile, made appearances in an Acura ad, starring as two car collectors in a bidding war.

Sex sold, too, during this year's Super Bowl spots. David Beckham nearly bared all in a sexy spot for H&M, and Go Daddy went the racy route with a seemingly nude model. Supermodel Adriana Lima waved a racing flag in a commercial for Kia. Who knew buying a new car could be so hot?

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