Super Bowl ads: Which connected, which missed

Let's face it - many people watch the Super Bowl for - the commercials.

How did this year's crop stack up?

New York Times advertising columnist Stuart Eliott told the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts, "There were some - a little bit more better ones but, largely, it was a disappointment, because there were so many of the same formulas repeated over and over again - dogs and babies and second-class celebrities and - sex. ... So much of it just repeats the same tired (themes). ... You kind of hope the creative minds of Madison Avenue would come up with something different."

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Specifically - how did Elliott feel about the "Star Wars" redux ad for Volkswagen, the Chevy spot putting Ford down, and the Clint Eastwood commercial?

He had pointed words for the Teleflora ad using sex to try to sell Valentine's Day flowers - "tasteless and vulgar."

To get Elliott's thoughts on Sunday night's ads, and see several of them, click on the video in the player above.