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Super Bowl Ads Are Recession-Proof

Despite the awful economy, Super Bowl XLIII (43) is scheduled to take place this Sunday, Feb. 1 in Tampa, Florida and charge big bucks for commercial time.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals will have millions of viewers glued to their television sets for the big game and the big commercials.

So which advertisers are paying bucks and who is sitting on the sidelines? What are they paying and what can Super Bowl fans expect?

Eric Hirshberg, president and chief creative officer of Deutsch advertising in Los Angeles, gave a preview of this Sunday's commercial highlights.

"You've had the chance to see some of these?" asked Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

"The ones they've released ahead of time I've taken a look at online," Hirshberg said.

"If you were to grade them, what's your sense about - should we go to the Super Bowl with a sense of great anticipation about the commercial content?" Smith asked.

"I think there are good ones and some misses. I think it's like most years so far," Hirshberg said.

Whether it features Budweiser's Clydesdales, Doritos' strong flair for the dramatic or Pepsi's dancing lizards, there are sure to be some crowd pleasers.

Smith and Hirshberg took a look at some of the commercials that will be coming this way.

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