Meet the superfans who attended every Super Bowl

Nearly 70,000 fans will pour into Levi's Stadium Sunday for Super Bowl 50, but unlike most of them, three men have attended every single Super Bowl ever held.

Don Crisman is a die-hard Patriots fan. Larry Jacobson is a long-time 49ers season ticket holder, and Tom Henschel bleeds Steelers black and gold. They are part of a very exclusive group and have been for the last 50 years, calling themselves the Never Miss A Super Bowl Club, reports CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller.

Fame comes around every January for the group.

"We are kind of like the musical one-hit wonders. We kind of have 10 days a year," Crisman said.

"We're not friends," Jacobson said, laughing. "We hang out together one week a year."

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And for the last 50 years, that's what they've done. The men live in different parts of the country and probably would have never met had it not been for their shared love of football.

Crisman started the club with his friend, Stan Whitaker, who passed away back in 2013. For the first 17 Super Bowls, they thought they were its only members, until they met Henschel before a taping of "The Tonight Show" in Los Angeles.

"Stan, who got me started, had big letters on his back bumper that said Never Miss A Super Bowl Club, and he spotted that in the parking lot and then he went up and down the line asking who owned that car," Crisman said.

Jacobson, who had his own Super Bowl streak going on, found out about the group in 1999, when all their names appeared together in the Super Bowl XXXIII program.

But they each have their own favorites.

"Thirteen for me -- was the Steelers beating the Cowboys the second time in four, three years," Henschel said.

"Super Bowl XXIII," Jacobson said. "The play from Montana to Taylor, the last touchdown, was directly in front of me."

"My favorite, of course, is my Patriots' first win, which was Super Bowl XXXVI," Crisman said. "Fourteen-point underdogs and they beat the Rams."

The men receive membership perks, including starring in their own Visa commercial and getting official Super Bowl game balls from Wilson, with their names etched on them. The NFL also sets aside tickets which they can buy at face value. This year, the group is sitting on the 50-yard line.

"We talk a lot about the first 15 games because we could remember that. We forgot everything that's happened in the near time, so if you want to talk to us about Super Bowl XLVII, XLVIII, XLIX -- yeah, we're a little bit shaky on that," Jacobson said.

"I can remember the scores of the first eight or 10 games and repeat 'em, but I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday," Crisman said.

They may be friends, but they're also bitter rivals. When the Patriots came up short in the AFC championship game, Crisman was crushed, but Steelers fan Henschel was ecstatic.

Over the decades, the big game has also provided the trio with plenty to cheer for. Their favorite teams have a combined 15 Super Bowl titles, and the men hope to be around to see plenty more.

"I gotta negotiate with my wife when I get home because I had made a promise I would quit at 50," Crisman said. "So I gotta do some negotiating."