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SunnyD is introducing a new alcoholic drink

SunnyD is no longer just a sweet orange beverage sipped by kids while they watch their Saturday morning cartoons. The drink is getting a version with an adult makeover – and SunnyD cocktails will be available later this month.

The company announced this week that its new SunnyD Vodka Soda drinks will be available exclusively at Walmart starting March 11. The drink will have an ABV of 4.5%. Beers such as Bud Light, spiked seltzers such as White Claw and canned cocktails such as Truly Vodka Seltzer, usually have a 5% ABV.

The original bright orange drink was created in 1963 by two dads in Florida who wanted to make an orange juice alternative. There are now several flavors of nonalcoholic SunnyD and the newest spiked version was created after the company learned people use its juice drinks as mixers for alcohol. 

The drink is getting an adult makeover – and SunnyD cocktails will be available later this month. SunnyD

It's been around for nearly 60 years, but the SunnyD brand has stayed hip by using its social media page to make funny quips about pop culture: "nobody asked but team selena," the brand tweeted after recent rumored drama between singer and actor Selena Gomez and model Hailey Bieber. 

The move to turn its signature drink into an alcoholic beverage follows a rise in popularity of canned cocktails and spiked seltzers in recent years. While beer sales hit a low during the pandemic, ready-to-drink beverages like canned cocktails soared, according to IWSR, which analyzes the alcohol industry. 

Last year, Coca-Cola announced it was adding Jack Daniels to its soda to make a Jack and Coke canned beverage. Simply Lemonade also introduce a spiked drink and Pepsi announced boozy versions of Mountain Dew. Some existing ready-to-drink and beer brands also got a revamp, with Sam Adams launching a canned margarita version of its Truly hard seltzers and Budweiser releasing Budlight-branded spiked seltzers. 

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