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Sunday on Face the Nation: All eyes on 2016

(CBS News) -- All eyes are on 2016 this weekend, and this Sunday's broadcast is sandwiched between two major presidential campaign launches. Hillary Clinton's campaign will kick off Saturday on Roosevelt Island and Jeb Bush's is expected to announce his run on Monday.

Sunday on "Face the Nation," we'll be joined by two other presidential contenders: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont)and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina). Sanders is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination and he attacked her this week for not taking a stance on trade. How will he react to her official campaign launch on Saturday?

President Obama announced this week that he's sending 450 more troops to Iraq. Where are we in the fight against ISIS? We'll ask presidential hopeful Senator Lindsey Graham, who has been an outspoken critic of President Obama's foreign policy.

Plus, as Hillary Clinton officially kicks of her campaign this weekend, we'll have a rare interview with her campaign manager Robby Mook. What are Hillary Clinton's challenges? What is the campaign's reaction to challenger Bernie Sanders? And what role will former President Bill Clinton play in the campaign? There's a lot to discuss.

John Dickerson will also take a look a new phenomena in politics: the age of the launch....and "relaunch." While Hillary Clinton's official campaign kick off is this weekend, she already announced that she's running back in April with a YouTube video---and several trips to Iowa and New Hampshire. Jeb Bush officially announces he'll run for President on Monday, but he's already been raising money for months for his Super PAC--and has spent plenty of time in those two early contest states too.

To talk about all the 2016 news this week, we'll be joined by Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post, Peggy Noonan of The Wall Street Journal, Mark Halperin of Bloomberg Politics and Robert Costa of the Washington Post.

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