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Summer Reflections

Let's talk about summer. Well, that takes too much energy for this time of year. So, we'll think about summer.

Summer is one of those metaphors to play with, a season which gives us the opportunity to take a vacation from our labors and separate from our sorrows.

We're at an interesting reflective point in our journey. You've heard the cliché Â"we need to regroup.Â" Ladies and gentlemen of America: rethink. Prioritize, as management consultants preach. We have too much going for us not to cultivate the good stuff and expel the bad.

The Johnny Mercer lyric still sings to us: Â"Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, don't mess with mister in between.Â"

Look back a little before looking ahead -- you know what I mean. The eagle landed with a step and a leap. The Woodstock generation grew up and birthed a new group of generations.

Our tribes have fought and died, fought and lived, allowing us to cherish ideals in our souls, endear children to our hearts.

Do look back -- reflect and regard. These summer days are made for that.

It's a good place, this land of ours. And, so are you, the people.

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