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Summer Looks For Little Money

The latest issue of Marie Claire features the hottest looks for summer and proves that you don't have to spend big money to look like a million.

Editor-in-chief Lesley Jane Seymour visited The Early Show with three hot trends and put co-anchors Hannah Storm and Rene Syler and weatherman Dave Price to the test.

The following are the outfits featured on the show:

Shorts returned this season. Many runways featured this trend as something cool and hip for all women. These are not your ratty Daisy Duke's; these are clean, but not stuffy, perfect for wearing with flats and a nice top while running your Saturday errands.

J.Crew white top $58.00
J. Crew shorts $48.00
Grand total: $106.00

Theory top $185.00
Theory shorts $175.00
Grand total: $360.00

Difference: The designer outfit features better cotton. You're also buying the name.

If you don't like to show a lot of skin, these summer trousers are great, because with a slinky top, you can look perfect for cocktails or a night on the town. Seymour paired the pants with small babydoll dresses that we're seeing everywhere. So if you thought you can't wear those dresses, you're wrong, pair them with trousers for an unexpected look.

Dress by Victoria's Secret $68.00
Paired with white trousers from Victoria's Secret $64.50
Grand total: $132.50

Dress by BCBG $200.00
Paired with white trousers from BCBG $154.00
Grand total: $354.00

Difference: The splurge features a high-tech stretch jersey dress versus the tulle on the inexpensive look. The steal pants are a cotton blend, while the expensive ones feature a high-end linen stretch material.

Halter Top Dress
Printed dresses are still the rage. The trend we see on these dresses is the "Palm Beach" inspired print. A dress is an easy way of dressing up for any event, whether it's a dinner date or dancing later, this dress is perfect for this summer.

Celine dress $995.00
Grand total: $995.00

ECI dress $138.00
Grand total: $138.00

Difference: The big price difference comes from the fabric content. You're also paying for the designer name.

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