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Summer Hair Repair

If you've spent a little too much time on the beach this summer, and realize your hair is looking more Brillo than bodacious, fret not! Stylist to the stars, David Evangelista, dropped by The Early Show with some fabulous summer hair repair tips for all different hair types.

So what exactly causes summer hair damage? Well, "summer hair" in need of repair is, in short, dry hair. Dry hair occurs from not having enough lipids (oils) in the hair. "Those oils are vital," says David. "They keep the cuticle moist and healthy, and when the cuticle is moist and healthy, your hair is happy and looks good."

Major summer hair killers are:

  • Chlorine
  • Sun
  • Salt water
  • Blow drying
You don't have to avoid all of these, but Evangelista does recommend moderation, especially with blow drying. He also recommends that you stay away from your usual routine of hair coloring over the summer. "Try coloring a bit less frequently," he says. "You'll save drying your hair out even more from color treatments, and you'll save yourself a little money."

If, however, you've gone over the edge, he recommends a few products for different hair types.

First, you look for products that contain panthenol, silicone, vitamin E, avocado, sesame, or coconut oil. "All of those things will help close up the cuticle, seal it, and restore moisture," he says. He also says that you should look for products specifically designed for your hair type (fine, coarse/thick, or curly). "If you use the wrong product on fine hair, it could get too weighed down and look oily or limp. If you use the wrong product on coarse hair, you may not get enough moisture."


  • Low end: Johnson's Baby Shampoo ($4.79), Infusium 23 Revitalizing Conditioner for Fine Hair ($7.19)
  • High end: Phytopanama Shampooing Doux ($20), Origins No Deposit Shampoo ($11), Bumble and Bumble Leave In (Rinse Out) conditioner (about $23)
  • Perk product: Bumble & Bumble defrizz (about $27)
    Low end: L'Oreal Iridiance Shampoo for Medium to Coarse Hair ($7.83), Thermasilk Moisturizing Heat Activated Conditioner ($7.79)
    High end: Philip B. White Truffle Shampoo ($50), Senscience Inner Conditioner for Coarse Hair (about $17)
  • Perk product: Kerastase Serum Nutri-Instant (about $25)
  • Low end: Sebastian Laminates Cleansing Polish ($10), Pantene Pro-V Hydrating Curls ($5.19)
  • High end: Kerastase Bain Elasto-Curl Shampooing ($26), Kerastase Elasto-Curl Conditioner ($35)
  • Perk product: Aveda Be Curly enhancing lotion ($20)
  • High end: Kerastase Masquintense ($37)
  • Low end: Avocado and olive oil paste (made at home)
You can make your own intense moisturizing hair mask at home for just pennies. Get an avocado, crush it up, and add enough olive oil in with it to make a paste-like substance. Pop it in the microwave, nuke for about 20 seconds, massage it thoroughly through your hair, and rinse about half an hour later. You'll have calmer, tamer, healthier hair in under an hour.
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