Summer Hair: Naturally Free

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It's hard to bother with blow-outs when the ocean is calling, the sun is shining and you just want to be enjoying the fresh, clean air of summer.

Celebrity hairstylist Frederic Fekkai on a visit to The Early Show demonstrates some easy steps to get a low-maintenance style.

Now is the time for the very simplest of styles. So let your hair fall into place naturally. It's a mistake to fight the natural texture of your hair, he says. It's more modern and practical to accept the texture of your hair and to play it up. In the long run, doing so is always more flattering and less time-consuming.

Summer is also the time to moisturize your hair with masks. Frederic recommends Shea Butter or new Protein RX (this rebuilds the damaged cuticle from all of the abuse the hair has sustained during the winter - relaxing, heat-styling and coloring).

Before jumping in the pool, protect your hair from chlorine by rubbing in a moisturizing agent. Frederic even recommends applying a little olive oil to revive hair. You can apply olive oil to dry hair and wear a hat all day or cover with a scarf.

Suggested hairstyles and tips:

Curly Long Hair

Frederic shows an easy way to put it up into a tousled casual updo using hair accessories. In general, he says that curly hair, once controlled, can be gorgeous long - don't be afraid!


  1. Avoid the frizz by using the correct products, like texturing balms and serums.
  2. Avoid brushing curly hair, which distributes air through it and creates more frizz.
  3. Beware of layers with curly hair. Layers tempt the hair to upward more quickly, creating volume (and frizz) where you don't want it.

Edgy Bob

It's a modern bob, which is different from the classic bob, and it's a very wash-and-wear style. It has a softer edge with no harsh lines and can work for either straight, curly or wavy hair.


  1. Comb a light hair gel like Texturing balm or Glossing Cream through the hair when still wet, then part to the side
  2. With curly hair, you need to use a finishing cream like Finishing Polish to smooth out the curls
  3. To get some height at the roots, you can tie a bandana from the back of the neck to the top of the hairline. It's a modern version of a 30's hairstyle. Or you can use a wide headband. Run out with it still wet, and it always looks fresh.

Straight Hair With Soft Layers

This is a very current look reminiscent of the '70s feathery hairstyle. It's basically a long shag, which Frederic says it is very sexy and easy for summer. It doesn't just lay flat - the layers on top keep it looking fresh. Frederic demonstrates his cutting/sliding technique, which is a good guide for a haircut because it opens up and makes a soft angle around the face. To style this look, Frederic recommends mixing gel and a product called "Smooth Hair" (50% each) to get the hold from the gel, while keeping the hair flexible - not stiff.


  1. Cut hair with sliding scissors technique to create flattering, long layers
  2. Mix half gel and half Smooth Hair to style hair and give it hold without stiffness

Lastly, no matter what type of hair you have, chlorine, sun and salt can wreak havoc. You need to protect your hair from looking dull and damaged. Before going in the pool or ocean, slick on a hair mask. Once you're out, rinse carefully using apple cider mixed with water. This will rid hair of residue and build-up and keep locks shiny. In the sun, use lots of conditioner and cover your head.