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Sudani Islamist Militant Urge Bashir To Repent, Give Bin Laden U.S. $ 200 Million

Abu Khabab al Sudani, the leader of Sudanese group called Jamaat al Tawhiid Wal Sunna, addressed Sudanese President Omar al Bashir released an Internet statement. He told him that the ICC arrest warrant against him was a well-deserved result for his violations of the Islamic law, his acceptance of the man-made laws, his adherence to international organizations, treaties and agreements, but most importantly for throwing al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and his followers out of Sudan on the orders of the leaders of "the Zionist-Crusader front."

Abu Khabab advised the Sudanese president to repent and return to "the right path." He told him that the first step should be to return to the leader of al Qaeda over $200 million, which al Sudani claimed was value of his investments in Sudan at the time when he was based there in the 1980s.
"One of the top officials in your government admitted that you owe the Sheikh over $200 million which you confiscated and never returned to him, explaining that you did not know how to hand it to him." Abu Khabab said.

Jamaat al Tawhiid Wal Sunna is the group that claimed responsibility for the attack on a U.S. embassy vehicle in Khartoum on the first hours of January 1st 2008. U.S. Diplomat John Granville and his driver were both killed in the attack.

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