Suburban safari ends for 400-lb. black bear

Glendale black bear
The Glendale black bear that was tranquilized Tuesday morning by state Fish and Game officials has arrived home, 25 miles into the Angeles National Forest, where authorities say he is "groggy and grumpy but doing well."

(CBS News) A meatball-loving bear that had been roaming through a Los Angeles suburb during the past month, was tranquilized and returned to the Angeles National Forest Tuesday.

The 400-pound black bear, nicknamed Glen Bearian and the Glendale Bear, even had his own Twitter account detailing his movements, and whimsical thoughts.

His neighborhood strolls in Glendale, Calif., became quite the spectator sport. This was especially true on trash day, when the bear played the part of trash collector.

The bear found himself cornered down a long sidewalk near an apartment complex with folks in uniform in hot pursuit.

All he wanted was to find a treat in the trash. Instead, he caught four tranquilizer darts.

His fearsome gait slowed to an unsteady wobble, and then finally a spread-eagle. Loaded up on a sheet, he was brought out paws first as the neighbors applauded.

Lt. Martin Wall of the California Fish and Game described moving the bear as, "... like moving a waterbed without a frame."

In the end, Glen Bearian may have had the last laugh. After all, he got a free ride back home -- and didn't have to lift a paw to do it.