Stylist weaves hair into high heels

Stylist weaves hair into high heels

(CBS/Reuters) Stylists save human hair. It's nothing new.

They use it for all sorts of things - weaves, extensions, wigs, toupees.

But what makes 54-year-old Taiwanese hairdresser Shiou-ying Tsai's collection different is what she does with it.

Using a lot of hair spray and heat, Tsai shapes hair into heels.

High heels.

Not only does she make a hairy pair of heels - which took her a month to build - but, she designs brooches, barrettes and, even small, black rodents.

Tsai says that only real hair can endure the shaping process and that plastic hair doesn't stand a chance against the perming, dying and glue.

What can we expect next?

In the works are hairy dresses and corsets naturally.


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