Stupid in Seattle? Haircut Said "Get Money"...So Gunman Got Caught

crime tape over arrested man wearing handcuffs

SEATTLE (CBS/AP) In the category of "dumb criminals," this one just might be at the head of the class...

A woman who was robbed of $310 while waiting at a Seattle traffic light gave police a detailed description of the man who stuck a gun in her open window.

He had the words "GET MONEY" shaved into the hair on one side of his head. He also had "GET" tattooed on his right hand, and "MONEY" on his left hand.

That should be enough to get caught, don't ya think?

The Seattle says a detective searched records using the tattoo information and identified a suspect who was later pulled over by a patrol officer in the Lake City neighborhood.

His "GET MONEY" haircut and tattoos matched the woman's description, and 18-year-old Larry Shawn Taylor was identified by the victim as the Aug. 23 bandit.

He's in the King County Jail for investigation of robbery.

Meantime, Mr. Taylor, may we recommend a crew cut?