Stunning Video: Pharmacist Fights Back

Stunning video shows James Jay Ersland firing five shots into a would-be robber.

NEW YORK(CBS) The Oklahoman is reporting on a small town that is standing up for a pharmacist on trial for first-degree murder.

According to the paper, on May 19 Jerome Jay Ersland, 57, was the victim of an armed robbery by two men at the south Oklahoma City pharmacy where he works. But Ersland struck back, brandishing a pistol, he fired a shot into one robber's head and chased the other out of the store.

A stunning video released to the court then shows Ersland returning to the store and calmly putting five more bullets into the robber who was incapacitated on the ground. Then he picked up the phone.

Is Ersland a hero or a killer?

Many in the town of Chickasha, Ersland's home town, seems to think hero. The paper says a crowd applauded for Esland at his bail hearing and a supporter plunked down $100,000 to set Ersland free until his trial.

Ersland even asked if he could continue to carry a weapon. Apparently his job is dangerous. The judge said no to that one. Ersland is under house arrest as he awaits trial.

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