Stun Gun Shocker: 87-Year-Old Sues Police for Stunning Her in Bed (Did We Mention She Was on an Oxygen Machine?)

Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Tyrone Reece demonstrates how a Taser stun gun works Thursday, June 17, 2004, in Oklahoma City. Police use of the Taser in Oklahoma City nearly doubled last year compared to 2002 as officers increasingly found the nonlethal weapon useful in apprehending dangerous suspects.
Taser stun gun (AP)

OKLAHOMA CITY (CBS/AP) Here's one use of a stun gun we admit we hadn't thought of: To subdue an 87-year-old grandmother who's lying in bed hooked up to an oxygen machine.

Lona Varner - the 87-year-old grandmother in question - claims that's exactly what happened to her when police came to her home on Dec. 22, 2009. Varner's grandson had called the emergency dispatcher to say his grandma "wanted to end her life" and that he was concerned she had taken some unknown medicine.

According to a police report, Officer Thomas Duran of the El Reno, Okla. police says that when officers arrived at the home, Varner -- who was lying in bed hooked up to an oxygen machine -- pulled a kitchen knife from under her pillow and threatened to stab and kill him if he tried to take her from the house.

The report says another officer then used a stun gun on Varner.

As you might imagine, this has led to a lawsuit.

Brian Dell, the attorney for Lona Varner, said Tuesday that he filed suit June 21 on behalf of his client seeking an unspecified amount from the city of El Reno -- but said it's at least $75,000.