Study: iPhone Users Have More Sex

Mania can cause a big rise in libido. Couple a revved-up sex drive with feelings of grandiosity, and people can take all sorts of sexual risks they wouldn't ordinarily - including having unprotected sex with multiple partners. That boosts the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
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(CBS) Want lovers to answers your call? Trade in that Blackberry for an iPhone.

At least that's the 411 from the online dating and social networking service OKCupid. Its fun but decidedly unscientific poll of 9,785 smartphone users found that iPhone owners have a lot more sex partners than owners of any other smartphone, CNET reports.

Blackberry users are in second place in the sex race and Android users are lagging in third, according to the poll of 30-year-old smartphone owners.

Who had the most sexual partners?

Females iPhone users; they had an average of 12.3 sex partners. Female Android owers had only 6.1 sex partners on average, and female Blackberry owners 8.8 sex partners.

Among men, iPhone users reported having 10 sex partners, compared to 8.1 sex partners for Blackberry owners.

And how many sex partners did male Android owners have? Just six.

Talk about wrong number.