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Study Hard, Iraq Is No Easy 'A'

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

The Iraq Study Group meets with President Bush today, and a lot of people are hoping they have some good ideas to pass along to the administration.

The death toll in Iraq continues to defy description. The Iraqis themselves now say they think 150,000 of their people have perished since the war began: 150,000. More than 100 were killed on Sunday, and a dozen more today.

So often we look at the war through American eyes. If you looked at the war through Iraqi eyes, you would go mad.

Does the study group possess the magic bullet? The plan that would lead to the end of sectarian violence? My sources say no. This Gordian Knot is so complicated, so hard to unravel, that those of you wanting a quick fix, or at least a road map to resolution, will no doubt be disappointed.

As Colin Powell said, "We broke it; we own it."

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By Harry Smith
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