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Study: Facebook Users Love Sex and Want to Share!

Dan Zarrella is a self-proclaimed "social media scientist" who analyzes and studies social media behavior. His site, takes your twitter name and creates a psychological profile based on what you tweet about.

His algorithm analyzed the links of over 12,000 posts on Facebook and came to the conclusion that users are 90 percent more likely to share sex related links than any other type.

What does that say about us?

"It's pretty clear we have an evolutionary affinity to like sex and talking about sex... and specifically on Facebook," Zarella says. "There's still a lot of hormone raging college kids there who like to talk about sex, so it's not surprising to me."

Curious to find out about my own hormone raging posts, I asked Zarella to run his test on me.

Shira Lazar's Tweetpsych

You can see the full breakdown of my Tweetpsych HERE.

As it turns out, I tweet about media and celebrities 446 percent more than the average user. Sex? Not so much.

My results aside, Zarella said he wasn't shocked that most people like to talk about sex. But there was one finding he didn't see coming.

"In the same study I found that positivity is shared more often than negativity is," he said. "If I go to a restaurant and I don't like the service, I might tweet badly about them but you have to really wow me to tweet positively. So I expected to see more negativity, but as it turns out people like to see the good times roll on Facebook."

The information is not only possibly interesting to users, but very valuable for advertisers and marketers who might just use Zarrella's data to target and engage consumers online during their next campaign. 

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