Students Suspended after Brutal Bus Attack

Students attacking fellow student in bus video; Belleville, Ill.; Police at first said attack was racially motivated but then took it back
A southwestern Illinois school superintendent says two students suspected of attacking a 17-year-old schoolmate on a school bus have been suspended.

Greg Moats cited state privacy laws in declining to say how long the suspensions involving the Belleville West High School students, ages 15 and 14, over Monday's disruptions on the bus would last.

Police initially said the beating of the white student by two black students appeared to be racially motivated. But police on Tuesday backed away from that.

All of it was recorded by a video camera mounted inside the bus.

Moats said school administrators are allowed to suspend students up to 10 days, though longer suspensions and expulsions must be confirmed by the school board.

There's no immediate word on charges.

On "The Early Show Wednesday, co-anchor Harry Smith interviewed Moats and Steve Raines, a student who helped stop one of the attacks:

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