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Students Back At Jewish Center

More than 160 children returned to the North Valley Jewish Community Center in California Monday for the first time since the Aug. 10 shooting. CBS News Correspondent Terisa Estacio reports there was tight security, as a steady stream of cars pulled into the center. Everyone seemed eager to put the past behind them.

"I was a little nervous, but it is great to be back," said mother Eileen Blaish. "We saw on the news all of the smiles. Some are still a little scared but it is time to move on."

New glass, carpet and freshly painted walls are just some of the repairs made to erase the damage done from last week's shooting rampage. Self-proclaimed white supremacist Buford Furrow admitted to opening fire on the center, unleashing nearly 70 rounds. Out of the five injured, one five-year-old boy remains in the hospital.

"Last week, I was a maniac," said mother Leslie Pincus. "This week, I am all right. It is nice that the community cares."

Over the weekend, family and friends said goodbye to slain postal worker Joseph Ileto, reportedly gunned down by Furrow because of his race. And at a rally, Gov. Gray Davis called for people to practice more tolerance. Back at the center, some of the children showed up with brightly-colored hair for crazy hair day, an attempt to lighten the mood after all that has happened.

Rev. Jesse Jackson at the center's reopening.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson stopped by Monday, encouraging everyone to remain united.

"We must have leadership that leads us to a higher level of conscientious and justice," he said.

There were also counselors on hand, just in case anyone wanted to talk about their feelings involving last week's shooting.

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