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Student bus driver cuts deal in deadly UConn crash

David Plamandon CBS Boston

(CBS) WESTMINSTER , Mass. - A University of Connecticut student who hit and killed classmate David Plamandon while driving a bus on campus has made a deal with prosecutors, CBS Boston reports.

Lukasz Gilewski will spend two years on probation and face a $90 fine for failing to yield for a pedestrian. Plamandon's mother says her son received no justice.

Linda Plamandon says, "When you lose a child to such a senseless act of negligence, there is no closure at all."

The 20-year-old student was killed last year when he was hit by a school shuttle bus as he was walking through a campus crosswalk. The driver, the 22-year-old Gilewski, pleaded no contest to negligent homicide.

The victim's mother said, ""What I wanted to see him with was a charge of manslaughter."

"...this was the fault of the driver, this was not an accident, it was a fatal collision that took my son's life," Plamandon said, according to CBS Boston.

Linda says her son had dreamed of becoming a doctor, but his greatest joy was his love of singing. She said that, "He was really proud of the Acappella group he was in at UConn...He never sweat the small stuff, and lived his life to the fullest everyday."

She says she's left with a lot of unanswered questions as to why Gilewski did not react to her son's presence in the crosswalk: "Why he proceeded into the crosswalk when David was there first? Why didn't he honk his horn or sway away from David? Why didn't he slam on the brakes?"

Police say Gilweski was driving under the speed limit but waved to another bus driver shortly before the accident. His commercial driver's license has been revoked.

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