Student dies on fraternity hike, family suspects hazing

Armando Villa (right), 19, a student at Cal State University- Northridhe, died after losing consciousness during a fraternity hike in the Angeles National Forest on Tuesday, Jul 1, 2014

CBS Los Angeles

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. - A 19-year-old California State University-Northridge student died while on a fraternity hiking trip in the Angeles National Forest on Tuesday, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Armando Villa was on an overnight trip with other members of Pi Kappa Phi when they reportedly ran out of water around 5:30 pm and Villa lost consciousness on the trail.

According to the station, Villa's companions found a forest ranger and asked for help.Villa was reportedly found unresponsive, and with blisters on his feet and back.

He later died at a hospital, authorities said.

Villa's family believes he was a victim of hazing during initiation. His aunt, Maria Castaneda, says that he was left in the woods without shoes or water and was expected to find his way out.

"To know that he was out there alone, suffering and we couldn't do anything; we couldn't do anything to help him. It's just wrong," said Castaneda.

The university says it has reached out to the family, and is ceasing activity of the frat until the investigation is over, says CBS Los Angeles.

The station reports homicide detectives believe Villa's death was accidental, possibly the result of heat stroke.

The exact cause of death, however, will be determined by the coroner's office, according to the station.