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Stubborn dog won't drop box despite tripping, running into walls, on The Feed!

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include a stubborn, box-loving dog and a pet raccoon that will wash anything it gets its paws on.

First up, meet Diesel. He's an English Bulldog, but perhaps he's acting more like a boxer. His owner Isabel Santos says playing with boxes is his favorite hobby, and she is not kidding. No matter how many sidewalks he falls off of, or cars and walls he blindly runs into -- he's not giving up his box top. No way.

Gosha, the pet raccoon, is a big fan of washing things in his little green tub, including his human's smartphone and shoes. Some people question if this video from Raccoon Poloskun is real or just an ad for Samsung, since the phone seems to survive its shower unfazed. But, perhaps the bigger, better question is: Why even have a raccoon as a pet?

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