Stretching For Love

If you're looking to rev-up your romance, you may find that exercise is the answer. The Early Show's "From the Heart" series continued with wellness expert Scott Cole. His video, "Stretch for Two," features some sensual, relaxing moves that can be good for your health and for your love life.

We cook dinners, buy gifts, take off on weekend getaways with our loved ones, all to keep the romance alive. Why not try adding stretching and exercise to the list of turn-ons?

Start by putting on some comfortable shoes, then add a little romance to your workout space ... play soothing music, burn candles and get ready for a proven delectable blend of healing arts that empower the body, mind, and spirit.

Through the stretches, you and your partner might feel a sense of connection and well-being. The movements help you open up, breathe, laugh, slow down, relax and really tune in to each other. If your partner is a lot taller, or shorter, or stronger than you, then you make adjustments – just as you make adjustments for personality quirks, and other differences of all kinds, in a good relationship.

Cole demonstrates some modifications and shows you how to work together.

In addition, he shows how to do such exercises as mirror-image movements, back-to-back trust exercise, the standing clasped back stretch, neck stretch, and shoulder massage.

"The end goal is to just be so relaxed and in connection with your partner that you're able to do whatever you want," says Cole.