"Street compliments" will make the world seem a whole lot brighter

(CBS News) It's only Monday and your blogger here is already having a rough week. Oh, well. It's a good thing that there are so many positive items out there on the Internet to help inspire me towards a better week. And maybe you, too. Like this video above, for instance. Check out some "street compliments" that will make the world seem a whole lot brighter.

The uplifting and very sweet video was created and posted by actor Rainn Wilson's online project, SoulPancake, who write about the project:

When was the last time you told someone how you really felt? The SoulPancake Street Team hits the streets to inspire some kind words...

A truly wonderful concept and video to watch, that has earned SoulPancake a big triple-rainbow salute of happiness from us here at The Feed! Don't you feel better now? I know I sure do. And to check out more work from SoulPancake, be sure to visit their YouTube page by clicking here.