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"Stranger Things" season 3 trailer released

Duffer Bros. extended interview
"Stranger Things" creators on their hit show - Full Extended Interview 15:00

The trailer for the third season of "Strangers Things" has dropped, and fans are excited that the 80s nostalgia appears to be back in full force.

Quick cuts of community pool, a carnival and an ice cream shop flash across the screen as a remix of "Baba O'Reily" by The Who grows to a crescendo. The new season will premiere on July 4, the trailer reveals.

Stranger Things: Season 3 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix by Netflix on YouTube

Images of actresses Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink dancing around a bedroom while singing into a hairbrush and taking a trip to the mall prompted some fans to reminisce about their own youthful "girl time." Many were amused by the inclusion of a mall — a staple for '80s kids. "The era of 80s mallrats has arrived in Hawkins, Indiana," one enthusiastic fan wrote on Twitter.

Others couldn't help but love the heavily '80s wardrobe. "Eleven even has the backward suspenders that were the ultimate cool gear for us mall rats," one Twitter user wrote. "The promo pictures of Stranger Things are up and I can already tell you my favorite part of the season will be El's wardrobe," another wrote.

The trailer wasn't just filled with nostalgia, but also suspense — the nearly 3-minute-long montage gave little away. The mall will likely play a large role, as "Stranger Things" released a fake promo for Starcourt Mall in July — about a year before the fictional shopping center will come to life on Netflix.

While Netflix generally remains tight-lipped about its viewership numbers, we know the season 2 trailer alone received 19 million views on YouTube — and viewership of the new season's trailer is growing fast. Both the first and second seasons hold a 94 percent "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Season one received a five Emmy Awards out of a whopping 18 nominations.

Intrigue for season three has been building since it was announced in 2017. After nearly two years of promotion, will the new season live up to the hype? Stranger things have happened.

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