Strange and amazing time-lapse video shows how to make a walking paper robot

(CBS News) Alright, so I'll go ahead and say this right off the bat: this is a strange one, but it's also pretty amazing, so give it a chance. Check out the time-lapse video above showing the process of making a walking paper robot. The final product and demonstration kick in at about 3:16. 

So do you see what I meant now by strange, but also pretty amazing?  The fascinating step-by-step demonstration was posted by YouTube user thedoorintos who writes:

Paper Biped Robot (PR-d) making process from H/P MPM (Mechanical Paper Model)

All paper made Biped Robot without wooden shafts and elastic band as power source

I'll admit, at first I was weirded out and thinking, "What exactly have I gotten myself into with this David Lynch-like video?" But as it kept going, and ultimately showed the actual "Paper Biped Robot" in action... well, I was honestly pretty blown away. If you'd like to learn more on the process or check out other videos by thedoorintos, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.