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Stranded fliers' video sign of lax air security?

Two buddies, one empty airport and too many hours to kill. Sounds like a plot for a great summer movie, right? Well, that's actually a scenario a couple of young filmmakers found themselves in - in real life - at a Texas airport. But instead of waiting the night out in boredom, the pair made it unforgettable.

By day, CBS News Correspondent Don Teague reports, Dallas Fort Worth is one of the busiest airports in the world. By night? Well, for Joe Ayala and Larry Chen, it became a giant deserted playground.

When their flight - the last of the day - was canceled recently, they looked around the abandoned terminal. Virtually everything was shut down so they turned on their camera and had a ball, racing wheelchairs, shining each other's shoes and even playing on the public address system.

Now their short film - aptly titled "Stuck" - has gone viral, causing some to wonder, how'd they get away with it?

Traveler Taylor O'Donovon, told CBS News after seeing a clip from the video, "I can't believe there wasn't some kind of security or someone walking around at all to even see that."

Traveler Frank Myers said, "If this were all staged on a set, I'd be laughing right now. That's staged in a public arena, and they're costing money for us travelers, and I don't care for it at all."

For their part, Dallas Fort Worth officials claim they had their eye on the pair the whole time but even they couldn't help being slightly amused. The airport released a statement saying, "... at no time did the filmmakers' activities present any level of danger or threat to flight safety. And by the way, they also picked up after themselves, including the restroom."

The airport did admit the video exposed lapsed security in their restaurant and bar areas where the men appeared to help themselves to a cold beer.

But in an age where regulations, fees, and delays have made catching a flight unbearable, these guys made the most out of missing one - and getting stuck.

You can watch the video on YouTube here.