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Storms Ravage Tornado Alley

Oklahoma's tornado alley was busy Sunday night, reports CBS News Correspondent Bob McNamara.

Near Oklahoma City -- and elsewhere -- viscuous winds tore through neighborhoods, ripping off roofs and injuring as many as 18 people.

The worst of the night's rains were those that hit Kansas City. At least six people drowned in the area's flash flooding and three others were still missing as of Monday night.

Dozens were rescued from flooded cars and homes.

"It came in so fast...I mean, you couldn't do nothing but just stand back and look and just watch, that's all you could do," said Nobella Taylor

At its ugliest, the storm even stopped the Kansas City Chiefs-Seattle Seahawks game for a time.

Meanwhile, Forecasters said more rain -- possibly severe storms might be on the horizon from Texas through Missouri Monday night.

Reported by Bob McNamara
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