Storms on the way? Caribbean, Atlantic weather systems watched as hurricane season ramps up

(CBS News) Two weather systems are brewing in the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, and they're kicking up just in time for the most active part of the hurricane season -- from mid-August to October.

The system in the Caribbean is being watched closely for its potential to emerge in the Gulf of Mexico as a storm, CBS News hurricane consultant David Bernard reported on "CBS This Morning." "We have a strong disturbance that's near the Yucatan Peninsula," Bernard said. "This has a high development potential to become a tropical depression in the next 48 hours, and possibly as we go into the weekend as it emerges into the Gulf of Mexico, we could see some storm development there."

In the Atlantic Ocean, Tropical Storm Erin formed near the Cape Verde Islands, where a tropical storm warning is already in effect. "By Tuesday, it's still going to be to the east of Puerto Rico and also the Lesser Antilles, so way out there, and we have a long time to watch it," Bernard said.

To see how the weather is shaping up with these potential storms, watch the video above.