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"Store Buyout" is an art project with a lot of heart

(CBS) - Art is a very finicky thing.  Sometimes you love it and sometimes you don't. But the above video exhibits an art project that seems pretty easy for almost anyone to get behind called Store Buyout.

In the video a group of artists go to a store that is going out of business and - wait for it - purchase everything in an effort to save the store. Yeah, you'll want to check this one out.

The group writes about the endeavor:

Store Buyout is an art project where five artists arrived at Hercules Fancy Grocery in NYC and bought everything. Every item has been repurposed as art and will be sold online and for a limited time at the Store Buyout Gallery in LES. Money from the sales is going towards saving Hercules store.

Well, Store Buyout, you've just earned yourself a triple-rainbow salute from us here at The Feed for your art with heart idea.  To learn more about the project, you can click HERE.