Stolen Sausage Protrudes from Man's Pants, Alleged Perp Arrested

Booker T. Bradley (WLKY)
Booker T. Bradley (WLKY)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (CBS/WLKY) A man seen leaving a Louisville grocery store with sausage protruding from his waistband was charged with theft and public intoxication.

A security officer at the store,according CBS affiliate WLKY, spotted Booker T. Bradley, 64, perusing the meat department.

Police say the man then stuffed packages of sausage down his pants and made for the exit.

The security officer -- keenly recognizing the missing links -- stopped Bradley and searched him when he noticed meat sticking out of the suspect's pants. According to arrest records, four more packages of sausage were found down under.

The value of the stolen meat was $20.45; the suspect's dignity once sober, priceless.