Stockton Plans On Playing

NBA career steals and assists leader John Stockton doesn't plan to retire after this season, the last under his current contract.

"Anything can happen, but it is definitely not my intention" to retire after his 17th NBA season, Stockton said Tuesday at the Jazz's training camp in Boise, Idaho.

Stockton, 38, is entering the final year of a two-year, $22 million contract. He holds NBA records with 13,790 assists and 2,844 steals, and also has won two Olympic gold medals.

Stockton has reached the NBA Finals twice, but never won the title.

If he has a timetable for quitting, Stockton isn't sharing it.

"You think about it," Stockton said, according to Tuesday's Salt Lake Tribune. "You can't help it at this age. Obviously, it's right around the corner. But that alternative doesn't seem too exciting right now."

Coach Jerry Sloan said Stockton couldn't wait for training camp.

"He called me in the middle of the summer and said, 'I'm ready to go,"' Sloan said. "It's amazing, really, when you consider all the guys who dread going to training camp. But that's John."

Stockton, who is married with five children, said his family continues to support his career.

"When you miss a kid's recital or something that is very important to them, and to me, that's when it's hardest," he said. "But I'm not getting any (complaints) from them, and the older members of my family just want me to be happy."

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