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Still Snowing On Mt. Rainier

(Deby Dixon)
You know those ads where people are sweltering in summer heat and they suddenly get hit by a blast of cold, Arctic air and snow because the beer train roars through town? And they're all thrilled by the sudden cold front and dance around in the snow and slush? Well, for all of you out there who are sweating it out in this early-summer heat wave, take a look at the photos that Deby Dixon shot just a few weeks ago on Mt. Rainier. They had record snowfalls up there this winter, and the snow isn't going away anytime soon.

Just this week, while the east coast was getting hammered by sun, Mt. Rainier was hit by more snow, with a foot of white stuff dropping on Paradise, where Deby took these shots. Think about that when your air-conditioner goes on the fritz, and maybe it will provide some small relief.

For more of Deby's awesome nature shots, check out her work on the website.