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Steve Jobs' first serious girlfriend writing a memoir

What was Steve Jobs like before Apple? His high school girlfriend, Chrisann Brennan, plans to shed some light on the subject in a memoir, due out in 2013.

The New York Times reports that Brennan, who's also the mother of Jobs' daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs, has inked a deal with St. Martin's Press to publish her story about the Apple co-founder, who died Oct. 5, 2011.

The pair developed a romance after meeting at Homestead High School in Cupertino, Calif. Brennan, now a painter in California, moved in with Jobs. They meditated together and attended lectures at that time. "At 17, Steve had more than a touch of the cool sophistication of a Beat poet," Brennan wrote in an essay published in Rolling Stone after Jobs' death. "It is as if Beat poetry laid the future for technology in Steve."

The longtime couple had a child together. Jobs denied paternity and initially wanted nothing to do with baby. Eventually, he took a paternity test that proved he was the father.

According to St. Martin's, the memoir will follow Brennan's up-and-down relationship with Jobs, as well as the founding of Apple and Jobs' "enormous appeal, energy and drive as well as his developing ambition and ruthlessness in business and personal dealings."